Linking – Creating – Helping

These are the guidelines that lead us every day to fulfill our main objective: to link non-profit organizations and collaborators to create online spaces that help contribute to the well-being of society. Under this motto, FundaSitio was born as an initiative of Rafael Núñez, Director of Más Que Digital, who felt motivated by his social sensitivity and decided to promote the diffusion of the activities of charitable organizations, through the creation and donation of websites.

The main concept of FundaSitio arises from the evident digital breach between organizations dedicated to the service of others and those in need.

Therefore, those who are in search of support do not always succeed in locating the institutions that could give them help, due to the lack of a suitable digital channel to be contacted. In this context, FundaSitio was created in order to reduce this gap, by providing support to social benefit initiatives in any field, because they deserve to spread and make public their valuable work, through an easy-to-manage website that is built together, according to the needs of each non-profit organization.

In order to achieve that, FundaSitio has a network of collaborators and allies in different creative areas, mainly web design, who also benefit by promoting their brand, both on the website created, as well as the portal and social networks of FundaSitio.


To create, enhance and multiply presence and identity in the digital world with the creation of websites and social networking advice from non-profit foundations and non-governmental organizations that lack an appropriate online presence as a platform to spread and fulfill the goal of their social welfare objectives.


To be a non-profit organization nationally and internationally recognized because of its excellence in supporting digital expansion for the strengthening of social welfare through the donation of websites for other foundations.

Values that characterize us









We are your digital link for social welfare