Organizations that support us

FundaSitio is pleased to give special recognition to the different organizations of high level of professional and social quality that have supported us in different areas for the fulfillment of our objectives.


Logo Pago Flash

A prepaid solution for online shopping available to everyone, allowing the public to make payments quickly, easily and safely, without having credit cards or making bank transactions.

Logo Huellas de Bondad

Is a non-profit foundation, That contributes to the sustainable development in the time of the communities to Embroidered with special attention in support, educate and educate children, Venezuelan girls, teenagers and young people.

Logo Nölck Red América

Nölck Red America promotes the design of brands and strategically strengthens the communicational domain of different platforms in order to link brands with people, under a dynamic interaction environment.


The most recent, reliable and useful information in prevention and protection, so that people feel free from fears, protect themselves and enjoy life.

Logo Go Web

We provide an effective design for your website, tailored to your needs, incorporating an attractive, professional and modern image. Among other services of quality and excellence.

Logo Más Que Digital

Pioneers in Image 2.0 Consulting and Digital Marketing in Venezuela and Latin America.

Logo Pasteur

With 48 years of leadership in Venezuela, Pasteur is recognized as the number 1 brand in water purifiers and filters in the country.

Logo Venezuela Sin Límites

They strengthen the agents of change with innovative, sustainable and impactful actions, through strategic alliances, technology and communication for social transformation.

Logo Asesortech

We help you optimize your digital business, Improve your online presence, secure your business, diversify your Ways of entering learning to make the most of Technology and internet. Websites, online stores, Maintenance, prototyping, advertising and training for Small, Medium and Emerging Enterprises !

Logo El

It’s a different perspective about the information world. Sounds and images that illustrate, words that cheer and characters that guide. El is miscellaneous information that adds more.

Logo Guerreros Azules

It is a national and international reference organization in the management, Control and education of Diabetes, both for parents, family environment, Public and private institutions. Its mission is to change paradigms And lower the stigma on the health condition.

Logo Mimos Venezuela

Mimos Venezuela is a project created and started in 2012 by a team of young professionals in the area of performing arts in Venezuela: circus artists, pantomime, theater, dance and music, accompanied by a staff of outstanding producers throughout the country.

Logo Buena Voluntad

They offer rehabilitation and social-work empowerment to people with cognitive, motor, intellectual, sensory and psychosocial disabilities, from the age of 17 years old.

Logo Bookólica

Bookólica is a Venezuelan initiative that bets on culture: its enjoyment, its diffusion and its appreciation from a happy and casual point of view.

Logo Superatec

Their mission is to transform the lives of popular people and communities, creating opportunities for improvement, through technological, human and labor training.

Logo Índigo

It’s an agency that promotes educational reinvention from innovation, design, management and pedagogical guidance in business improvement projects.

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