Some of our beneficiaries

FundaSitio started with an idea, a motivation and an objective: to offer our skills to those who dedicate theirs to the benefit of society. Thus, we can determine that our effort is focused on multiplying and flourishing the work of many different foundations which carry out their praiseworthy work with limited resources. Therefore, our main function is to donate useful and easy-to-manage websites to our following beneficiaries:

Directorio Superatec
Directorio Pro-etica
Directorio SAV
Directorio Asodeco
Directorio Aclave
Directorio Trazando espacios
Directorio Asocirpla
Directorio Instituto tobias
Directorio Fundacnna
Directorio Faec
Directorio Luchemos por la vida
Directorio Manitos de Ángel
Directorio Salvemos Abejas
Directorio VLD
Directorio Mundo Bondad
Directorio Quiero un Mestizo
Directorio Sombrerero Azul
Directorio CEDIE
Directorio Gente Plena
Directorion Mano é Tambor

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