“Expoferia Emprendedora 2018” Will present the best of the social commitment for Venezuela

Rafael Nuñez Aponte Expoferia Emprendedora

The activity will count with the participation of Fundasitio, as well as its CEO, Rafael Nuñez.

The upcoming 28th, 29th. And 30th of November, the fifth edition of the Expoferia Emprendedora will take place at the Oasis Salon of the Hotel CCCT.

The event, that is focused on the recognition of the social commitment and the help we give to others, will serve as a window to impulse the entrepreneurship and talent of the Venezuelan community.

On this occasion, Fundasitio – an organization ruled by Rafael Nuñez Aponte- through its program Emplosion, will promote everything when it comes to giving full advice to non-profit organizations that wish to make benefit actions to the Venezuelan society, through the donation of web sites, volunteering and solidarity.


“We hope Fundasitio achieves a higher reaching with the diffusion of its main objective on social responsibility by including our community of entrepreneurs that show their talent and their ability of commercializing their ideas, their products and their services on big events like ours. Thus, through this activity, they can create conscience among the public on giving back to those who need it the most” – said Yulibeth Peña, organizer and founder of Expoferia Emprendedora.

The goal of the event is to a wide perspective on the Venezuelan talent through the perspective of the entrepreneurs and micro-entrepreneurs, who will have a space to show and share their experience, which will allow the future to generate a big amount of commercial alliances.

The schedules are organized from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm during the three days that is expected this event to last. November 28th will be exclusively for entrepreneurs, who will receive a specialized training from Emplosión.

Fundasitio and the Expoferia Emprendedora

The Expoferia was created as a result of the union of two Venezuelan entrepreneurs, Yugeidy Fernández and Yulibeth Peña to create a growing platform that could help many micro-entrepreneurs that have a lack of strategies and the confidence as to start their businesses.

Rafael-Nunez-FundasitioThrough this event, many of them have got more and better clients to their brands, have improved the commercialization of their products and services, through a better and more efficient usage of the social networks, as well as the presence on the ordinary press. All of this with the aiming of making their small businesses into well-known brands worthy of conquering new horizons.

The Fundasitio Team has always looked to offer a window to help the most needed sectors of the Venezuelan society, and through their project Emplosión, Fundasitio aims to boost organizations that seek to expand their abilities and achieve them with success, offering the needed tools to achieve the objectives of a entrepreneur.

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